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Client Reviews

Soroush was very attentive, responsive, and friendly. Outstanding attorney with great customer service, highly recommend!

- Echo Gilliam

Mr. Dastan simplifies the complex when I had questions. Soroush has made himself available in a variety of ways (email, text, in-person, phone) and a variety of times. It is hard to know all your rights and feel comfortable to ask questions that are simple to lawyers. Soroush has helped me with my divorce, and estate planning needs. I plan on continuing to use his services in the future.

- Steven Ferrell

Great experience! Soroush is absolutely outstanding. He took great care of me and walked me through the whole process. I filed for uncontested divorce and he completed everything in a reasonable time. He made my divorce simple and was very understanding of my situation. I have used him twice now, once for my divorce and once for traffic tickets, and would definitely recommend him to anyone!

- Hoda Abdalla

Can you give a divorce 5 stars? Yes you can... if you Ashburn Law Office.

I contacted Ashburn Law Office a few months ago because I was going through an uncontested divorce and this office had their price for an uncontested divorce right on their website. I didn't have to call and sit through a sales pitch.

The process has been more than easy and they have been easy to contact whenever I have had a question. They have gone above and beyond explaining everything I need to know and will need to know in the future.

I haven't finished the divorce yet- but I am confident it will still be 5 stars once completed.

- Corrie Miracle

Words simply can’t describe how amazing Soroush is...

He has truly been a blessing to me throughout my difficult journey. His professionalism and care for his client is something you wish to get from every attorney when you are dealing with difficult life situations.

I want to say THANK YOU for everything!!!!

- Claudia Kirk

Excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

- Damaris Gaitan

Soroush Daston, Esq. is a great lawyer, funny guy, and I found out conversations very enjoyable.

- Kassandra McMahon

Very helpful with quick turnaround

I had Soroush Dastan prepare a Last Will and Testament, Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney a couple years ago. He did a great job with quick turnaround. In looking at the paperwork this week I needed some dates changed. He was very helpful in getting the changes done in minutes and back to me. The most amazing piece was there was no additional charge. I would be delighted to refer my friends and family to Soroush as I know he will take excellent legal care of them.

- Anonymous

Good Consultant

Hi, He is a very good lawyer who shall pay close attention to the details of your case. He also suggests some other tips and other consultants who can be of good help you.

I called him to schedule an appointment and he asked me the details of my case. I was very impressed with the first telephonic interaction and decided to see him in person. I have plans to stay in touch with Souroush and continue my consultation with him. Great guy overall.

- Anonymous

Great to work with, local attorney who is knowledgeable

I got reckless driving ticket when a motor cyclist hit me from behind- he and couple of witnesses told the police officer that I came into his lane without indicators. Luckily my car had cameras which record all the 3 angles (Tesla).

I consulted and hired Souroush who is in the network of legal attorneys that I've access to via legal insurance (ARAG).

It was easy to setup appointment, has easy access to his office right in Ashburn and he explained the whole process.

Luckily they withdrew the case after they saw the evidence.

He is a knowledgeable attorney who is great to work with.

- Raj

Divorce process

Great lawyer he helped me with the process of getting divorce from someone residing out of state. He made sure i understood everything that was going on. Easy to get in touch with whenever i had any doubts. He did everything in his power to expedite the process. I do recommend him.

- Paolo G.

Great lawyer!

Mr. Dastan is a hard-working lawyer. He handled our son's case with promptness, professionalism, and put a lot of effort in his case. This was his first time taking on a case like this, but that didn't scare him away or say, "this isn't my area of expertise". Instead, he took on the challenge, did very thorough research to find anything and everything that would help us, and delivered tremendous results. He gathered all the evidence and did a lot of research on certain laws. We got a successful outcome because of his due diligence. Even after the verdict he went above and beyond to make sure that everything was entered in correctly in the online system/case details database. In our case, it was not, so he called the courthouse immediately to get their mistake corrected. He went to the online database a day later to make sure that it was corrected and something else was not entered in correctly by the court, so he called again and asked to speak to the supervisor to get it fixed. He went back again after several days to see if both of the court's mistake were corrected. From start to finish he made sure that everything was handled properly, and he put in a lot of time making sure that our case was successful. I would highly recommend Mr. Dastan.

- Kristina

Awesome attorney always by my side

I have met this attorney to deal with my case , he was astonishly handled the case and releived me from the case with most importantly afforble cost.

I am constantly in touch with this attorney for any of my other questions related to immigration or real estate, he immediately respond with accurate answer.

He has excellent knowledge in family, immigration and real estate areas.

If i am in trouble, very first thing i do is call hom or leave message to him and i get response immediately.

- Anonymous

Return client

I was very pleased with my experience with Mr. Dastin. He was very helpful and responsive to all my concerns.

I highly recommend him.

- Anonymous

Highly Recommended Expert Legal Defense Attorney

Mr. Dastan represented me & consulted me regarding a traffic ticket. He is honest about the outcomes of the process, on point regarding g success probability , extremely efficient with time & money in place. I recommend him to all hard working students and good citizens who deserve fairness in their day of court presentation. Dr. Dastan is very clear about legal processes and did excellent in my case. In my case the honorable judge dismissed the traffic violation and an infraction was issued since my tail light were out for sometime. Thank you Dr. Dastan.

- Anonymous

Outstanding Client Service

Soroush was very responsive. His name was recommended to me by my legal insurance provider and he saw me right away, always responded to my calls/emails, and delivered as promised for the service for which I hired him. He is very easy to talk to and is thorough at explaining the legal process in which I was involved. Highly recommend this firm!

- Anonymous

Reckless driving super lawyer

Got my RD charge reduced to speeding. Always returns calls if any questions and discussed case ind email before signing up with free consultation. Awesome lawyer 5/5 stars.

- Anonymous

Divorce case

I am very thankful and really appreciated for all help and paying attention that Mr. Dastan had for my case.

- Anonymous

Great Service, Great Value

Mr. Dastan was an excellent representative in my recent divorce. I highly recommend considering him for representation.

- Chris

The best in NOVA

Mr. Dastan is the best attorney in NOVA. He is very understanding, knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. I have talked to many attorneys regarding a legal matter that I was facing for several years and Mr. Dastan resolved it in no time. He is not money minded and understands your situation and gives the best solutions. In my experience with him he never over charged a single penny and told me the fee upfront and he always makes sure he is completely prepared and gets stuff done in the first attempt. He is geniunue and keeps you in loop through out the process and explains every step. He is always available on the phone and supported me like family during my process. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family and I am happy I found a great lawyer for any legal help in future. Please don’t think twice as he is the best.

- Anonymous

Excellent Attorney to have by your side

I got a misdemeanour charge added to a traffic ticket due to some misunderstanding on my part of the traffic laws of Virginia. Soroush took my case and represented me to the best of his abilities and got he charge dropped. He kept me informed through out the procedure and diligently followed up the case as it progressed. I am truly thankful for his expertise and professionalism.

- Rups

Repeat customer

Mr. Dastan has assisted me with a traffic ticket case, wills, and power of attorney. Could not have made each process any easier. Wonderful to work with and attention to all my questions and concerns throughout each matter. Highly recommended and extremely knowledgeable.

- Steve

Very good lawyer

He represented my wife for her speeding ticket twice, and was able to reduce and in one case get her no points. He is extremely knowledgeable.

- Farshad

Easily got the divorce

I was struggling to get divorce before I found Soroush online. Then I easily got my divorce. The divorce process was very smooth.

He was very friendly and answered all my questions patiently. Great service.

- Anonymous

Best attorney in Northern Virginia!

Soroush Dastan helped me with a reckless driving ticket. He got them to drop it a non moving violation! I would definitely recommend Soroush if ever in need of Lawyer in Virginia.

- Anonymous

Reckless Driving

Soroush is an amazing lawyer!! I had a reckless driving ticket and he got it completely expunged off my record. Since I'm a college student, I wasn't able to attend court. Soroush went to court in my place and was in touch with me through phone calls and text messages throughout the entire time. His level of communication exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend Soroush Dastan as your attorney!

- Anonymous

Resolved the speeding ticket and " Uber "U" sign charges

I hired Mr. Soroush by the recommendation of an other attorney. I called him, he immediately responded me and confirmed the meeting. Case result was according to my expectations and the charges were dropped. I am really thankfull to him for his all excellent work.

- Maher

Great Guidance

Soroush went above and beyond my expectations, even on my initial call with him. Soroush spent the better part of an hour talking me through details of my small claims case, asking very attentive questions which helped properly prepare me and win my case. Most attorneys would avoid giving advice for small claims cases, since they cannot legally represent you in them, but Soroush spent the time to properly prepare me with the right information regardless. I would highly recommend him.

- Farzan

A World Class Attorney

I was a victim in an automobile accident, and hiring Mr. Dastan to represent me was the best decision I made. He was very attentive, professional, wasn't afraid to work hard, and made sure he had my best interest in mind. He was a bulldog against the auto insurance corporation and their litigation team, and made sure I received justice for my pain and suffering.

- Brian


Soroush Dastan helped me with my divorce. He was very accessibility, responded to me in a timely manner, and explained the process to me in a way that was very clear. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Anonymous

Divorce Attorney

Hired Mr. Dastan for my divorce. Was able to get a meeting immediately. He was extremely thorough on what needed to be done, what I would need to provide, time frames and setting expectations. Extremely reasonable costs and excellent communications. Documents were completed quickly, reviewed and explained as needed, and updated as needed with no problems at all. I will be using this attorney in the future for my will and any other matters that I need an attorney for. I cannot stress enough how easy he made a difficult thing to go through. I highly recommend.

- Anonymous

Excellent divorce attorney

I highly recommend the Ashburn Law Office. I needed representation for a divorce. Mr. Dastan said what he could do, and did what he said he would. While a divorce is never an easy endeavor, it was comforting to know that my case was being handled by a very knowledgeable attorney. The entire process was as painless as a divorce can be. He genuinely showed concern and always...

- Dave

Genuine and Good Service

I spoke with Soroush over the phone and I sat down with him earlier today. It is clear that Soroush does not want to nickel and dime his customers. He wants to help people.

- Steven

Great Attorney!!

Soroush was a great attorney who kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole process. He kept me informed on the status of my divorce and also explained bits and pieces of the process I did not understand. He was a great listener and remembered little details I would tell him about my situation, which showed me he was interested. I would definitely recommend him!

- Anonymous

I Didn't Know Divorce Could Be This Easy

Soroush came to me as a recommendation from someone I know. I reached out to him via e-mail and he responded instantly and we set up a phone call and got the process started in less than a 3 days.

Soroush made my divorce process so easy. I had put it off for 3 years just because I didn't know what to do or how to do it. He answered all my questions and eased my anxiety about the entire process. I felt like the best part of the entire thing was that I didn't have to think at all- he did it all for me! He went above and beyond treating me like a friend and not just a customer.

Soroush was very professional and I never felt like my questions bothered him at all. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who wants a pain-free experience. I will be forever grateful for his hard work and eagerness to please.

- Anonymous

Words are not enough to express my gratitude.

Thanks to Ashburn law office .They assisted me throughout my recovery all the way to the settlement.Mr Soroush Dastan is very welcoming and friendly really care and he got done right. I am extremely impressed and grateful I called. I would highly recommend their service to anyone and everyone who is in need of professional auto accident representation.

- Muaz

Excellent Attorney

Mr Soroush is an excellent lawyer. He helped with my Legal matter and at every step he is thorough and provided friendly atmosphere. Answered every question beyond what he is hired for and I would strongly recommend him for any of legal matters. Excellent laser. Always available to answer your questions.

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.Hired attorney

- Anonymous

Outstanding Attorney!!

Mr. Soroush Dastan is a great lawyer, he assisted me in my legal matter. He was patient, extremely helpful during the process, he used his legal expertise in such a way that it led into success and I can’t thank him enough for all the hard work he put into it. I am absolutely sure that; I would recommend him because he is one of the great attorneys in the DC area.

- Anonymous

The Best!!

I have never met a lawyer that is honest and actually cares! His work is not only done with integrity but also with innovation. He answered all my questions and he made sure he walked me through the entire process; really took care of me and will definitely recommend him to everyone I know!!

- Anonymous

Great attorney !!!

First, he was available almost immediately for consultation on the two occasions that I needed an attorney right away. Second, he listened, presented several courses of action AND seemed genuniely interested in my case and the outcome. When I contacted him for the second-time, he immediately remembered me and my previous case. I would defintely reccommend him. I used Hyatt Legal to consult with him on both cases.

- Anonymous

What an great Attorney!

Certainly, Mr. Soroush Dastan is a terrific lawyer. I was particularly excited about the outcome of my case with Attorney Dastan! He patiently executed his legal expertise in such a way that it led to success in my immigration case.

In fact, prior to consulting him, I had contacted a few attorneys for years for representing me. However, none of those attorneys were prepared to take up the case. My case was such that it needed robust legal expertise, which was evident in the kind of legal services he rendered to me.

When I consulted with Mr. Dastan in his office, he listened to me carefully and eventually decided to not only to represent me, but also made every effort to guide me to a successful end. He was patient, diligent, and confident in his engagements in making effective decisions pertaining to my case. The end result was a victory. For his expertise, I highly recommend him for excellent legal service for future clients.

- Anonymous

Amazing Attorney

Such a wonderful attorney. He helped me significantly through my reckless driving case. I am 18 years old, completely oblivious to all cases what so ever and Soroush treated me like a younger brother and helped me through the case. He clearly wasn't in for the money at all. He has a great attitude toward his clients and stuck with me throughout the entire case. I would definitely recommend him as an attorney.

- Anonymous

Great lawyer

Mr.Soroush managed to get my case 100% cleared without any fines or repercussions. He was very thorough with his work, I highly recommend him.

- Ehab

The World's best Attorney !

Soroush Dastan is an amazing Attorney. He defended me in 3 cases & I would give him a 10 out of 10 in all 3 cases. I am 100% satisfied with all 3 outcome. No other attorney wanted to take one of the case'. He didn't hesitate for a second & won that case for me.

He is extremely professional , very knowledgeable , friendly & courteous. Souroush kept me up to date about all my options and what I could do.If I ever need help again, you know Souroush will be there with me.

Thanks again for all your help Soroush !

- Jairam

Outstanding lawyer !

Helpful, responsive, knowledgeable

Soroush assisted me in my legal matter. He was extremely helpful every step of the way. Unlike other lawyers who seen very cold and uncaring, Soroush provided a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommended him and I would definitely contact him again if I need any other legal help.

- Anonymous